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Some thoughts on the the Kaballistic Tree of Life as the universal foundation for all sacred, religious and shamanic stories over the whole Earth.
In the attached diagram we see the traditional form of the Kaballistic Tree of Life, and the planets associated with it. It has 22 letters of the alphabet connecting the 10 numbers together. The planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are the author's inclusion. (I haven't seen them represented in this way, but I've included them for completion. My research has shown that there is a certain amount of validity to giving them the numbers shown). The numbers of the other planets have been passed on to us from the ancients. But in such a powerful system, we must be 100% correct. Call their inclusion a 'work in progress'.
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Jim Morrison of the rock band 'The Doors' once said: 'There are those things that are known and those that are unknown, and in between them are the Doors. This is not a random philosophical statement, but comes from the Tree of Life. In Genesis 1 v 2 we read that their was darkness on the face of the deep. So 2 means darkness. (There are other ways to show that two is indeed darkness). In the third verse we read that God made light. So then 3 is arguably the number of light. It is then not difficult to see that 2 means ignorance or unknowingness, while three means knowing. The letter of the alphabet called daleth, d, is shown in the Tree of Life positioned between numbers 2 and 3. We could say that it leads one from ignorance to knowledge. Now daleth in Hebrew means 'door'. So Jim Morrison was referring to the position of daleth, d, on the Tree of Life. The archetype associated with daleth is the 'Empress', which in turn is coupled to the Eye of Capricorn. This archetypal pair is all about knowledge. So Jim Morrison was entirely and perfectly correct. Well done Jim.

The Tree of Life has another very interesting feature. The first column has the numbers 3-5-8 and the last column has the numbers 2-4-7 and 3.58° of arc on the surface of the Earth is 247 miles, if we use the relation that 1° of arc is 69 miles. The number 69 is found in the centre of the centre column. At the top and bottom of the centre column, there is a 1 and 10, and 1 + 10 = 11. One way to couple this to 69, is as 69.11, as there are 69.11 miles in 1° of arc, if we use the mean circumference of the Earth, 24881 miles. The other significance here is that all numbers come out of the centre of 11, (1 +10). It is for this reason that 11 is a master number, as all numbers come out of the centre of 11. Another way we can see this is by drawing a circle whose radius (radii come out of the centre) is 11. The circumference of this circle is 69.11. This is the exact mean distance on the Earth's surface of 1° of arc. The ancients also gave the Earth the number 11, as the Greek word for the Earth, gh (GE), has a numerical value of 11. We can see all these things in the Tree of Life. In summary then, the Tree of Life is saying that all numbers come out of the centre of the Earth, whose number is 11. In Genesis chapter 2 we read that the Lord God placed the Tree of Life in the 'centre' of the garden. God created light on the 3rd day, and the Hebrew word for light is rwa, oor, value 207. Now 207 miles is 3° of arc. Four means blackness, and the Greek word for black is melaj (MELAS) whose value is 276 and 276 miles is 4° of arc.

A circle whose radius is 11 units has a circumference of 69.11. There are 69.11 miles in 1° of arc on the Earth's surface, using the mean circumference of the Earth as 24 881 miles.


A1204 - The Kaballistic Tree of Life

Just another spiritual road to irrelevancy?

This is the well-known image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It has 22 paths, where each path is represented by a letter of the alphabet, as shown. Each of these letters of the Hebrew alphabet is further symbolised by one of the Tarot trumps. These are the 22 cards of the major arcana. Their correspondences with the letters of the alphabet are shown in the page titled 'Gematria'. But does it mean anything. It certainly doesn't mean anything to the those who are not educated in its secret lore. But is its secret lore worth learning?. Is it just another one of those multitude of spiritual journeys designed to keep us irrelevantly occupied with its own set of jargon and jibber-jabber?. Is their another arrangement which also works, and therefore has meaning? Let us be very clear about this. If this is just another system, then it cannot be the truth, as the truth cannot change. The truth is whole and complete. Their cannot be pieces missing, although truth can be extended and expanded upon. You however cannot alter the basis of the information.

If you beleive that truth can change, then you also beleive that yesterday 3 x 4 was equal to 11, today it is equal to 12 and tomorrow it will be equal to 13.

The Jews seem to have laid claim to this piece of esoterica. After all, the 22 paths are the symbols of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the language of the Jews. But this secret knowledge does not come from them. It comes from Babylon, which we are going to show soon. The archetypal symbol of the Tree of Life is centred in Babylon and not Jerusalem, although Jerusalem is very central to the understanding of what the totality of Babylon means.

The Kaballah is a cornerstone of Jewish mysticism. The Tree of Life is one of its aspects. I've tried to understand commentaries on the Kaballah, but they just don't make much sense to me. The problem is that if you want to understand this type of universal knowledge, you need to know many diverse things. People tend to specialise today in compartmentalised information, which makes it impossible to understand a system that is so diversely integrated.

We will soon come to realise, even in this short discussion, that the Tree of Life is a universal pattern that has the astounding ability to explain everything, when taken in conjunction with the Tarot cards. Its knowledge extends to infinity, you just need to know how to understand it. The logo for Paramount Pictures in Hollywood is a mountain that has 22 stars around it. These are the 22 stars of the universal archetypes of the Tarot cards.

Now lets see how this thing works, by beginning with Yeshua, an enlightened Jewish rabbi whose message of love and forgiveness turned the whole upside down. But people who sought political gain turned him into a warlord, to serve their political agenda for power and population control. Organised religion is nothing but politics, and has nothing to do with spirituality at all.


The Number of the name of Jesus Christ.

This whole Biblical story of Jesus Christ is truly fascinating, especially when you understand the origin of his name. Jesus Christ, as the name discussed in the New Testament, is an archetype. It is connected to the 16th Tarot card called the Devil. Without going into too much detail, because it is the subject for another lengthy and necessary discussion, each Tarot card has two meanings, just like it has two numbers. This is very important. The 'Devil' card is the 16th card, whose number is 15. It is therefore a combination of the numbers 15 and 16. The card is more fully described as a pair, namely 'Devil - Christ'. It is the religious Tarot card. As 15 and 16 differ by one, it means that the two meanings of the Devil - Christ card are negations of each other (See Video - V1201 - The Road to Unity). Negations have no effect on one another, just like darkness has no effect on light. But darkness helps us to understand what light means. It is a teaching aid. In the same way, for us to understand what Christ means, we need the Devil as a teaching aid. But the Devil has no reality in the presense of Christ. Therefore Christ and the Devil are not fighting each other. Religions are all trapped in this meaningless conflict. This is a very important idea, and I know it needs a lot of discussion before we will be able to grasp it, but the time for that discussion is not now.

Let us visit the Cosmic equation A + B = 20. Without it their is no unity and no meaning. The 'Devil' card is the 16th card. Therefore it is coupled to the 4th card, called the Empress. The Empress (symbol of the Mother - Harlot archetype) and the Devil have a cosmic connection of oneness, according to A + B = 20. Now go to the Tree of Life diagram. The Empress is symbolised by the letter 'daleth - d', which sits between the numbers 2 and 3. She therefore has the power to unify two and three, but she needs the help of the 'Devil-Christ' archetype. The letter 'ayin - [' is the symbol for the Devil card, and it is sitting between the numbers 6 and 8. This letter, [, means eye, third eye or spiritual eye. So the cosmic equation is showing us clearly that 2-3 is coupled with 6-8. In Greek, Jesus Christ is Iesouj cristoj and its numerical value is 2368, the very number that describes this archetype and shows the cosmic connection between the Empress (2-3) and the Devil (6-8). Is this coincidence?



The power of this system is so great that it is the driving force behind everything, including History. The religious Tarot card, 'Devil-Christ', has the numbers 15 and 16. This means that it controls the main events of the 16th century, as the 16th century is between 1500 and 1600, or using floating point arithmetic, numbers 15 and 16. The Reformation was the single most significant religious event of the past 2000 years. It happened at the time, generally speaking, that is in accordance with the Tarot cards, in this case the 'Devil - Christ' card. The Reformation began in the early 16th century. Martin Luther pinned his 95 theses in connection with Indulgences on the church door (door is the Empress archetype, and church is the Christ archetype) in Wittenberg in Germany in 1517. Nothing here is coincidence. Its just a playing out of the archetype.


Saturn and Moscow

The Devil-Christ card is a symbol of Capricorn. Its letter of the alphabet is 'ayin - [', which means eye. It is the psychic 3rd eye that can see all things, and that understands all things. It is the gateway to knowledge. It is symbolised by the city Moscow. The only way that this can be understood is to measure distances from Moscow to other places and evaluate the results. Its co-ordinates are also significant. But I do not want to go into a detailed discussion here, because it will just sidetrack us from our line of thought. The symbols for Russia or Moscow are the Hammer and the Sickle. The sickle means harvest time, or the end of the age. The last Tarot card is a symbol for this, and its ruler is Saturn. Saturn is also described as a stern, very demanding god, the Hammer. In the Tarot cards, the 3 of disks means 'work', and the Russian communist system was theoretically about the work ethic. The ancients gave Saturn the number three. The key is that Saturn rules Capricorn, or the 'Devil -Christ' card. One of the cornerstones of Russian Communism was its anti-Christ sentiment. All this indicates the religious tone behind the Devil card, symbolised by Capricorn, and the liklihood that Saturn is connected with Moscow. As Saturn rules Capricorn (the Devil-Christ card), then let's use Moscow as our reference point in determing those points on Earth that are Capricornian (religious) in nature.


Moscow and 2368

It must be more that mere coincidence that the distance from Moscow to Babylon is 1636 miles, which is 23.68° of arc. Many scholars claim that the religions of the Earth come mainly from Babylon. The Jews were exiled to Babylon, which is where several important aspects of Judaism comes from. More evidence comes in the form of Mecca, which is exactly 2368 miles from Moscow.

The conclusion is that Moscow, Judaism, Islam and all the other religions that come from Babylon, are bound together by the number 2368, which is the number of Jesus Christ. So what are we fighting about? The Arabs and the Jews are desperate to prove their uniqueness (like everybody else) before God, and God's favour of them. But one of the central tenets of Islam is the pilgrimage to Mecca, where they must walk around the stone that fell from the sky, called the ka'ab. The Muslims worship Allah. From this combination we get the word KABALLAH, which is central to Jewish mysticism. And it's all held together by the number 2368, Jesus Christ. So again, what are we fighting about? Moscow, Russian Communism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity are in abject denial that everything is one, despite the illusion of differences. Communist and atheistic Moscow was a sham, because Moscow is the ruler of the religious archetype, centred in Babylon and Mecca.


Bitch from Babylon

Let us first just briefly explain some properties of the Empress Tarot card. She symbolises the Mother-Harlot archetype, where the harlot is only there to assist us in understanding the nobility of motherhood. Its true meaning is motherhood. The word 'baby' connects this 'empress' principle to Babylon, Babylon being the centre of the 'religious' Tarot card, Devil-Christ. This is an example of how words come from the cosmic connection, in this case the connection between archetypes 'Empress' and 'Devil'. The film Rosemary's baby is based on this idea, where Rosemary gives birth to a child dedicated to the Devil. The Bible talks about the whore of Babylon, again to show this connection. But take note again, the negative parts of these archetypes (devil, whore) are only a teaching mechanism. They have no power in reality. This is a huge error that most of us make. Its time to set our thinking straight in this critical idea. In Hebrew, Babylon (Capricorn, devil) means 'gate of God', and it is the Empress that symbolises door or gate. The Empress, as mother, also symbolises nourishment, in the form of food or otherwise. She symbolises plants and crops, all the things required for sustenance. This is why 'capricorn' has the word 'corn' in it. She is also the symbol for plants, trees and flowers in general.


The Eye

Lets see some more examples of how language fits into all of this. Beleive me, it doesn't matter if its English, Greek or Hebrew. They all assist each other in explaining the big picture. Lets take the rather innocent looking word, IRIS. In Greek, iris is irij, and its numerical value is 320, a combination of 2 and 3, which are the numbers that the Empress (daleth, d) is sitting between in the Tree of Life. It means color, and color is connected to the eye, the symbol for Capricorn (Devil-Christ). But in English, the word iris is equally informative. Firstly, the iris is a part of the eye (Devil-Capricorn). But the iris is also a flower (Empress). So even different languages are saying the same thing and connected the Tarot cards according to the equation A + B = 20, as discussed.

Jesus is a Capricorn

When I was young, their was a song doing its rounds called 'Jesus was a Capricorn' by Kris Kristopherson (coincidence again?). It didn't fit in with my belief system at the time, so I thought it was the disbelieving infidels spreading their lies and poison. Ignorance leads us down strange highways. American and Hollywood hype, astrology for dummies, that's what I thought. But I was hopelessly wrong, because Jesus was (is - he is not dead) a Capricorn, which can be seen in so many ways. How can we miss all this stuff? It is from the Bible that we can get the information that Jesus was a Capricorn. In fact the whole theme of the New Testament is that Jesus was a Capricorn.


Look at the sign of Capricorn. It has the tail of a fish and the head of a goat, or possibly a ram. A prominent theme of the New Testament is the lamb of God that was slain. The book of Revelation is full of references to the lamb that had been killed.

Note: Sheep, lamb and ram are interchangeable.


One of the purposes for relating the messiah (Christ - Capricorn) to the lamb and ram is to get the connection with the ram, Aries. The sign of Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The symbol for Capricorn as a sign of the zodiac shows the head of the ram and the tail of the fish. The fish is the symbol for Pisces, which is the last sign of the zodiac. Capricorn, because it is connected to the eye, means symbol or sign in general, because one sees symbols with one's eyes. Capricorn embodies all symbols, which is why its sign incorporates the first and the last signs of the zodiac.

When Yeshua, the Jewish rabbi, whom we know as Jesus Christ, was born, it was astrologically the end of the age of Aries and the beginning of the age of Pisces, the fishes. The whole theme of the lamb or ram being slain is symbolic of the end of the age of Aries. The Biblical interpretation of the lamb being slain for the sacrifice of sin is a misinterpretation of this. Now we can begin to understand why Jesus was more than a little concerned about fish. He did miracles with fish. He sent out his disciples to be fishers of men, which is a symbolic statement that it was the beginning of the age of Pisces. And only the sign of Capricorn can show the way between the end of one zodiacal cycle of 25920 years, and the beginning of a new one.

The sign of Capricorn can be a little confusing, in that sometimes it is shown as the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. The goat is the animal that symbolises the third eye. It looks very similar to the ram, and we must be very careful not to confuse the two.

It is my opinion that the people that wrote the Bible, the Old and New Testaments, did have some knowledge of the universal archetypes, as described in the lore of the Tarot cards and the Tree of Life. There were already distortions in their thinking, so the stories were not entirely correct. The Capricorn archetype, as found in the number 2368, was known in the secret priestly societies long before Jesus's time. Yeshua, who became fully enlightened in that lifetime, returned to God, where he became one with his true self, which is the archetype of Capricorn. In his last life, he became very connected and at one with this archetype. So he acted out its meaning in this world of illusion, and taught us how to return to the Father. But it is likely that nobody really understood him, not even his disciples. Each one of us have our being rooted in a unique position in these 22 archetypes. When we become perfect, like Jesus, then perhaps in our last lifetime we will act out that particular principle that is unique to us. When we have acheived this, then we become one with everything, because the archetypes are holographic in nature, and interconnect in a very special and complete way.


There is a great deal more that I can say about this, maybe even a whole book. But that we'll leave for another day.


Divide a circle into a major and minor sector whose areas are 10 and 1, giving us 10 + 1 = 11. This is the same in principle as the 1 and 10 at the top and bottom of the Tree of Life. This construction creates a right angle (90°) at the centre, which symbolises unity. If we combine this with the Tree of Life diagram, it is saying that 69 as a centre number is in unity with the totality of all things.

'Listen to me, and in a vision you'll see, the gates of Babylon'. Here we see the devil 'tempting' the Empress to enter what some may say is really Hades. Babylon, which means 'Gate of God' is the knowledge of eternity. In order to enter these gates, we must realise that the devil, who is connected to this archetype, has no power or reality in the face of Christ. If we make the mistake that the devil does have power over us, and can hurt us, then the door of knowledge and salvation is shut firmly in our face. But it only takes the realisation that the devil is a mere illusion, whose purpose it is to highlight or teach that Christ is the only reality. Make an error here by believing the devil is real and the gates of Hell will replace the gates of knowledge, the gates of Babylon.


The church doors in Wittenberg where Martin Luther pinned his 95 theses. It was a petition against the practice of Indulgences involving the Roman Catholic Church. The Empress or mother archetype is symbolised by 'door', and it is cosmically connected to the religious archetype. It is for this reason that the Reformation, the most far reaching religious event over at least 2000 years began on the door of a church. Everything is profoundly symbolic, we just don't remember what it means.


Saturn, symbolised by Moscow, rules Capricorn, which is a part of the Devil-Christ or religious archetype. The two main religious centres on Earth, Babylon and Mecca, are both numerically related to Moscow through the number 2368. In Greek, Jesus Christ is Iesouj cristoj, and its numerical value is 2368, using gematria. During the Communist era Moscow denied its central religious role through its atheistic stance.
Capricorn is sometimes shown with the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. It is more informative to give it the head of a ram and tail of a fish. Together they symbolise capricorn, the goat.
Capricorn is the sign that unifies the beginning and end of the zodiac. It exists as a symbol between Aries (RAM) and Pisces (FISHES). Yeshua (Jesus) was born at this time, and as he became perfect, he also became the embodiment of the role prescribed for Capricorn.
Capricorn (Goat) is the unity of the Aries (RAM, shown above) and Pisces (Fishes). It is likely that the RAM (male sheep, lamb) is so similar in appearance to the goat because of the archetypal connection. The RAM is part of the Capricorn archetype when it is paired with the fishes of Pisces.
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Jesus waiting patiently for the fish to visit. He's had a bad day and can't wait to turn them into sheep. Or is it goats, or maybe lambs, but then it may be rams.
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