The Archetypal Ratio of the Centre

9 : 11

Egypt as centre
The Great Pyramid is situated on the 30°N latitude, and is 31.13°E of Greenwich. As a ratio between poles, it is 0.666 between South and North Pole and 0.333 between North and Soth Pole.  

The Great Pyramid as a ratio between poles is 0.666

It is 30° N, and 31.13° E. Therefore the 3 numbers 30, 3113 and 666 describe its location. Also 30° is 1/12 of a circle. The number 12 is therefore a variation of 30° N.

Two of its four borders are 666 miles long. The distance B to the Great Pyramid is also 666 miles.

The distance to the Israeli border is 207 miles: This is 3° of arc (using floating point arithmetic, this is 30°, the latitude of the Great Pyramid). But 3113 x 0.666 = 2073.

The distance GP to A is 373 miles. Now 311.3 x 1.2 = 373. Also 373 x 0.666 = 24840, the circumference of the Earth.

Land surface area of Egypt is 386 000 square miles. This is 0.666% of the land surface of the Earth. Also 3.86 x 3.113 = 12.0 (30° is 1/12 of a circle)

As a ratio between the North and South pole, the Great Pyramid is 0.333 as a ratio. The land surface area of Egypt is 3.33% of the land surface area of Africa.


The cross of Egypt intersents at E. The angle formed is 90°. The ratio of the co-ordinates is 1.1. Point E divides the diagonal AC in the ratio 3:4, and BD in the ratio 3:2.

AC and BD are in the ratio 7:8.

The Pythagorean musical scale, which forms the basis of western music, is based on the octave, where the octave (8th note) is double the frequency of the first note, and there are 7 major notes in this octave. This is summarised by the ratio 7:8.

Each of the seven major notes is derived either from the ratio 3:2 or 3:4.


Take a thin strip of paper and divide it up in the ratio 1:1.

The 7 musical notes are obtained in the following way:

E = 3/2 OB

A = 3/4 E

C= 3/2 A

D = 3/2 C

G = 3/4 D

C= 3/2 G

F = 3/4 C

This is a description of the musical notes coming out of the centre of 11, the master number.


The circle represents solution. The way to resolve the centre and its numbers is to draw circles whose centres are on the circumference of other circles. The optimum and most complete way to do this is to draw 3 circles in such a way that their centres are on the circmferences of the other two circles. This resolves the numbers and ratios of the centre on a universal level. The principle ratio of this construction is the cross AC:DB, mainly because the angle at O is 90°, the angle of unity.

The ratio DO:BO = CO:AO = 9:11. Therefore 9:11 is the ratio of the centre that is at the same time in unity with all things


Divide up the Libyan border with Egypt in the ratio of the centre, 9:11. The distance from this point to the Great Pyramid, which is at the centre of the Earth's land surface area, is 415 miles. This is exactly 6° of arc on the surface of the Earth. Six is the number of solution, telling us again that the centre (Great Pyramid) is solved (number 6) by the ratio 9:11.

The ancients gave the Moon the number 9 and the Earth the number 11. The latitude that divides Egypt up as the ratio 9:11 is 27.32°N. The axial period of the Moon about the Earth is 27.32 days. The distance from the Great Pyramid to latitude 27.32°N is 238 miles, which is also the mean distance between the Earth and the Moon (237600 miles).


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