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A1201. Here we deal with a few of the psychological and intellectual barriers that must be dealt with before one can begin to understand the holographic principles behind numbers and geometry. We find that to restore your mind, you must love all things equally.


A1202. This article is a brief introduction to the 10 spiritual paths that embrace the totality of all things. Each of these spiritual paths has a multitude of combinations. They are the subject of the shamanic stories of old. These stories have been carried over into the best Hollywood movies. They are simply disguised in a more modern context. The major Arcana of the Tarot is a perfect description of these 10 paths, both in their imagery and the numbers and letters of the alphabet they represent.


A1203. The third article is a practical example of how the Tarot cards can be used to describe the behaviour of the universe around us. For example, Mars is universally connected to the diameter of the Earth. We show how this accounts precisely for the fact that the tilt of the Earth's axis of rotation is 23.44° with respect to its motion around the Sun.


A1205. The link between 2012, Unity, 911, the Great Pyramid and the Tarot cards. It's all based on the archetypal ratio of 20:21, which is the ratio associated with the second last Tarot card called Judgement. It means waking up. Twenty twelve is the information nexus around which the rest of the 21st century unfolds, preparing for humanity's cosmic unfolding in the 22nd century.


A1206. The properties of the right-angled triangle are the basis for the system of unity. It is these properties that set it apart from the thought system of this world, which is an illusion controlled by the conflicted mind. These properties are often subtle. Nevertheless, we must make certain that we understand exactly what they are. Otherwise we will fall victim to the whims of the ego mind. We see that very powerful controlling thoughts, such as sin and sacrifice, belong to the negative side, a side that is there only to teach us. But it has no reality. Many of the ideas discussed in this article form the basis of all the unity based knowledge that follows. We also show where the Moon Tarot card fits in, precisely because the Moon symbolises the system of unity.


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Geometric Tarot

In the gallery you will find graphic images of the Geometric Tarot, which I am in the process of designing. Read the comments carefully, because each represents a part of the big picture. The more pieces you have, the quicker you will understand.

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The Truth behind the Tower of Babel story

In the 11th chapter of Genesis, we read about the Tower of Babel. This is an archetypal story that resonates deeply with the human race. But it is not possible to understand it without a basic knowledge of unity and of the Tarot cards, because the story is a description of the way the 16th and 17th Tarot cards relate to each other.


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Moscow, Christians, Muslims, Jews and the number 2368

The Jews, Muslims and Christians represent three major religious forces on Earth today. In the recent past, Moscow, under a Communist regime, had an official anti-religious policy. How strange then that the distances from Moscow to Babylon (source of Judaism and Christianity) and Mecca is the number of Jesus Christ, 2368. What a weird world we live in!


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V1201. The Road to Unity

V1202a and V1202b. The Conflicted Mind Part 1 and Part 2

V1203. The basic geometric structure of the Major Arcana of the Tarot

V1204. The Numbers of the Centre, Cube, Circle, Square and Right - Angled - Triangle.

V1205. Unity, Generality, Identity and Meaning.

V1206. The Fool - Stuck between worlds.

V1207. The Fool - In search of peak emotional experiences

V1208 and V1209. Mother happened - A Commentary on 'The Mancurian Candidate' Part 1 and Part 2

V1210. Earth and Mars Mercury the Magician


V1201 - The Road to Unity

There is an underlying unity that holds all things together. Physicists search for the fabled unified field theory that they envision as showing the basic unity of of the 4 forces of the universe. But isn't their another way to show this, a far simpler way that many people will be capable of understanding? This unity is the subject of many religions and philosophies. The Buddha said that ultimately all things are one. Jesus also implied that unity underlies understanding when he said that 'If thine eye be single, then your whole body will be full of light'. Our societies practice the concept that all things are separate, which implies division in thinking. This is not the truth, the truth that enlightened people have tried to tell us many times. (Click Read more... leads to Fool Moon page - Video link at bottom of page).


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V1202a - The Conflicted Mind - Part 1

The conflicted or ego mind thinks it arose spontaneously from the depths of the cosmos. But it's not sure. The entire physical world is a victim of its crazy thought system. It's conflicted nature makes you think it is real, but it isn't. Yet it will appear to convince you of its reality. It has plagued the greatest minds. If you come to grips with the conflicted mind, you will be able to transcend the physical world to become one Spirit with all things. It is simple and complicated at the same time. It is insane. It is none other than the psychological description of the diameter of the circle. I kid you not.

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V1202b - The Conflicted Mind - Part 2

Newton's 3rd Law tells us that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. The psychological equivalent is that if you want something, it will run away from you. This should immediately tell you that the physical world is insane and contradictory. It is based on opposites, and opposites mean nothing because they cancel to zero. We would do well to think very carefully about this, as we have given our minds over to illusions if we think this world is real. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee (and the roses).

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V1203 - The basic geometric structure of the Major Arcana of the Tarot

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot have an underlying geometric structure that tells us more about what these cards really mean. That structure is the circle, its diameter and the right angle that the diameter subtends at the circumference. It is the thought system of the Holy Spirit, who shows us the way out of conflict to our home where there is only contentment, fulfilment and joy. The number 22 comes from a circle and its diameter, as a diameter of 7 units has a circumference of 22. The circumference is symbolic of universal solution. Seven is associated with eye or symbol, which is why there are 22 symbols, the images of the Tarot cards, that solve the mystery of the totality of all things..


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V1204 - The Numbers of the Centre, Cube, Circle, Square and Right - Angled - Triangle

In this video we will begin to realise the powerful application that is available to us through the principle of unity. Indeed we are not able to set up a meaningful system at all unless we use unity in the appropriate fashion.

The basic geometric elements of the centre, cube, circle, square and right angled triangle are all associated with simple integer numbers as prescribed by unity. It is a strange phenomenon that a civilisation that many consider to be somewhat advanced is not even aware, officially anyway,of these relationships.

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cube 27

V1205 - Unity, Generality, Identity and Meaning

One of the most important properties of unity is that it establishes meaning and identity. Without the proper implementation of this idea, there is no meaning in this world, and nothing has a name with which it can be known. It gives meaning to numbers in such a way that all the information fits neatly together when examined as a unified whole.

As an example, it establishes that the number of love is two. It also establishes that two is the generic number of the radius of a circle. The consequences of this single idea, that of loving all things equally, are so great that it is completely beyond our present comprehension to fathom it. Yet if we implement this idea in our thinking, it will restore our minds relatively quickly to perfection.

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V1206 - The Fool - Stuck between Worlds

Wisdom can only come about through awareness of stupidity, the stupidity of the Fool. The Fool, as the first Tarot card of the Major Arcana also represents the arithmetic property of number one as minus. As a consequence, it exists between every integer number, as all integers differ by one from each other. This gives it the ability to pop up anywhere, like a Jack in the box. The Fool, being the first card whose number is zero, is defined by zeros and ones, the numbers of the digital world. He is therefore trapped and limited to the realm of simulated logic. This is the theme of the Matrix movies, where Neo is the 'ONE' whose is sent to liberate the Fool from his fake existence by the awareness of this simulated control.


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V1207 - The Fool - In search of peak emotional experiences

The Fool and Magician, the first and second Tarot cards, form a pair. They describe fake and true love. The Fool describes special or sexual love, while the Magician brings this peak love down to reality. This describes true spiritual love, which is loving all things equally. The belief that special love is real is what created the physical universe. Sexual energy is chaotic and without order, and is the energy that created the physical universe, just like it is the energy that creates physical bodies. This theme is discussed at length in the TV comedy series called 'The Big Bang Theory', where the first episode of every season is about sexual love.

However, we cannot experience true spiritual love without an awareness of special love. Special love only serves its true and mighty purpose when we renounce and undo it.

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V1208 - Mother happened ..... A Commentary on The Manchurian Candidate Part 1

The movie 'The Manchurian Candidate' is an archetypal story based on the principle of the Empress, the 4th Tarot card. The story is arranged as a circle and a square, which is the structure of all archetypal stories. In it we are taught the principle of the domination of Mother. The four corners of the square are established using the Tarot cards in conjunction with the universal equation A + B = 20. These corners are High Priestess or Virgin, Mother, Tower of Destruction (Mars, god of war) and the Devil (Capricorn, knowledge). It is against the backdrop of these 4 principles that the story unfolds.

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V1209 - Mother happened ..... A Commentary on The Manchurian Candidate Part 2

In many movies based on archetypal principles, we are presented with special numbers that reveal the hidden meaning of the stories. In The Manchurian Candidate we are given the numbers 373 and 90 as numbers above doors. These numbers reveal secrets to us of the universal nature of the story as well as key centres on the Earth and their connection to numbers, the Tree of Life and the Tarot.


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V1210 - Earth and Mars Mercury the Magician

If we construct a squared circle in the usual way using the Tarot cards, with one corner occupied by the Magician, which in turn symbolises the planet Mercury, we find we are able to decode many of the planetary parameters of Mars and the Earth with consummate ease and perfection.

The only reasonable conclusion is that the planets themselves are an expression of the Wisdom found in the Tarot cards and the Tree of Life. We only need to couple the Tree of Life and the Tarot with numbers and geometry interpreted correctly in the light of unity, and Hey Presto, it all works out.

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