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The Numerical correspondences of the Greek alphabet

The Tower of Babel

The Numerical correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet

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The Numerical correspondences of the Greek alphabet

Greek alphabet and numbers

The ancient Greeks did not have a separate number set, as we have today. Rather, each letter of their alphabet was a symbol for a corresponding number. The two letters coph, %, and sampi, which represented 90 and 900, became obsolete in literature, but they were retained as numerical symbols. The digamma, #, value 6, also fell out of use and was replaced by the symbol j. Later j was used as an s, s, when an s was at the end of a sentence. Both s and j have numerical values of 200 in this respect. By convention of gematria, one unit, known as colel, may be added or subtracted from the value of any word without affecting its symbolic meaning.
For example, the tree of life, xulon zwhj, a symbol of Hebrew mysticism, has a numerical value of 1625, Its Greek equivalent is the tetraktys, tetraktyj, 1626.
Sacred texts were structured according to the number patterns inherent in basic geometry. Each word had a corresponding number. For example, KTEMA (kthma), which means ‘a creation’, has a value of 369. The origin of words has been lost to us. This is a strange phenomenon, as language is one of our most basic tools. This means that we have lost the connection to who we are. Language has its source in the meaning of numbers. This website is an introduction on how to go about rediscovering the details of this lost information.


The Tower of Babel

Note: Babel and Babylon are synonymous. In Hebrew they mean 'gate of God'.

Consider the Tower of Babel story in the Bible.

‘Let us go down and confound there language, that they may not understand one another’s speech’. Genesis 11:7

Now here is a secret you need to file away carefully in your mind. The Tower is a symbol of the Devil-Christ archetype, and it means knowledge. In the Zodiac, this sign is Capricorn, and it is the 16th Tarot card. So if God says that he must stop the Tower from being built any further, he is symbolically saying that he wants people to remain ignorant and confused. In this case it is clear that the god is not the true God, but rather a projection of the conflicted mind, which knows nothing. The Tarot cards make this very clear. Indeed it is not possible to understand this story properly without the Tarot cards. Let me explain. The Tower of Destruction card is the card after the Devil-Christ card, making it the 17th card. So the 16th card, 'Devil' is symbolised by Tower, while the next card is the destruction of the Tower, or 'not' the Tower. Here we see the property of unity, which is numerically a difference of one, and geometrically a right angle, which means 'not'. The two cards differ by one, So they must be negations in meaning of each other. If Capricorn (Devil - Christ) means knowledge, then the 17th card mean ignorance. So preventing the tower from being built is to prevent knowledge. The 17th card, the Tower of Desruction, is symbolised by the letter PE, p, p, and it means mouth or speech. So their is a direct link between speech and ignorance. Great speech makers can sound very knowledgeable, but almost always they are saying nothing. In this sense, speech is ignorant, and speech will always have this inclination. Does this mean that we must stop speaking? Obviously not, but it does bring to mind that speech is a mixed blessing. Ascended masters, enlightened beings, make use of language. But they understand the unified principle behind language, so their speech is full of universal metaphor and truth, They have been able to overcome the apparent banality of talk and look beyond it into the roots of speech, where they have found a pattern that is sublime and full of Divinity. So in Genesis 11, by destroying the Tower, god (conflicted mind) is saying that when the principle of the tower (universal knowledge) is not understood, we will talk, but our talk will mean nothing, because we can no longer see the universal pattern behind speech.


The Tower of Babel (Babylon) means that divine knowledge is symbolised by the tower, because Babylon means gate of God. Bringing the Tower down means that speech becomes mere talk. Its real symbolic meaning has gone away. The Tower principle is one of the most powerful symbols of the Devil-Christ archetype (16th Tarot card). We are more than well aware of this, as our best churches, ancient and modern, all have towers, because of their natural connection to the religious archetype.



The Numerical correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet.


      hebrew alphabet numbers  


The basic Hebrew alphabet consisted of 22 letters. The last 5 letters, $ ~ ! @ # , are known as finals. They have their phonetic base in the letters, k, m, n, p and tz, but their shape is adjusted, and they have different numeric values.
During the 3rd century BC, Jews began to use a stylized form of the Aramaic alphabet, while the Samaritans used a form of the paleo-Hebrew script, called the Samaritan script. The present “square script” Hebrew alphabet is a stylized version of the Aramaic alphabet which was adopted from that used by the Persian Empire (which in turn was adopted from the Arameans). After the fall of the Persian Empire, Jews used both scripts before settling on the Aramaic form.
The 22 letters are also used in the Kabalistic Tree of Life which plays a central role in Jewish mysticism. These letters are more than just letters of the alphabet. They symbolise the building blocks of being itself, as they represent the way things are connected in the Universal Mind. The Major Arcana of the Tarot cards each represent one of these 22 letters. There is a whole archetypal story behind each of these cards and letters, some of which are the central theme of this website.


The Tarot cards and the Kaballistic Tree of Life are not just another spiritual discipline. Their structure is designed to fire up the Universal Mind, because they are the structure of the Universal Mind.



Major Arcana of the Tarot

Correspondences with the Planets, Signs of the Zodiac, the major Arcana of the Tarot and Hebrew alphabetic characters




The Major Arcana of the Tarot cards - Filing Information where it belongs

Information that has not been filed in the correct place is useless information, as you will never be able to find it. On this website, we are dealing with the subject of unity. Therefore we need to have a filing system that is based on unity. A key aspect of unity is its numerical definition as ‘-1’, a difference of one. The Major Arcana of the Tarot meets this criteria, as the actual number of each card differs from its ordinal value by one. This is set into motion by the numbering of the first card, the Fool, as 0 (0 and 1). The number of the second card, the Magician, is 1 (1 and 2), and so on.
The principle behind each of these cards is then based on unity, one expression of which is two successive numbers. For example, the principle behind the image of the ‘Death’ card is based on the mathematics and geometry of the numbers 13 and 14, as the ‘Death’ card is the 14th card whose number is 13. (See Table above) These principles and images are all embracing and touch every area of experience and knowledge.


It is a tragic error to consider the Tarot cards as superstsitious relics of a bygone age of unreason.

The easiest way to see the connection between these cards and their profound mathematical wisdom is to consider the last card, called World. It is ruled by the planet Saturn, and its archetypal numbers are 21 and 22. The exact ratio of the mean distances of Saturn and the Earth from the Sun is 21/22, using floating point arithmetic. The Tarot cards are the filing system where all discoveries and principles need to be filed away so that an overall unity can be achieved. Without these numbers and the principles behind their images, information lies splintered and meaningless across the vast emptiness of time and space.
Many of the stories in the Bible are based on these principles. The Bible definitely uses the numerical code behind these cards to structure some of its verses and chapters. This is abundantly clear in the Book of Revelation, which describes the principles and numbers of the World Tarot card in 22 chapters. The myths and and legends of ancient Egypt and Sumer were steeped in the lore of the Tarot cards. Indeed, we probably get the Tarot cards from them. The Greek, English and Hebrew languages are derived from the principles of these cards.

saturn earth sum 21 over 22


The mean distances of Saturn and Earth from the Sun are 886.8 million miles and 92.91 million miles. The ratio of these two distances is 21/22, which is the archetypal ratio of the World or Cosmos Tarot card, if we use floating point arithmetic. This single fact should cause people to realise that universal knowledge has always been known. Even with the advances made by modern science, they are nowhere near a system of thought that embraces all things. But the system has been in front of our noses all along.

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