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Credo Mutwa, Zulu shaman, with his wife Virginia, in Kuruman (Northern Cape province, South Africa). Standing in the background are, from left to right : Willem de Swart, Michael Tellinger and Mike van Niekerk.

Photograph courtesy Louis Clarke (Sept 2011)

This is Demingo. He thinks he arose spontaneously from the very depths of the cosmos. He's so mean looking, I just had to place a gun in his hands. He says he loves children, and is doing charity work that involves insane people. Talk about confused. Fortunately, Demingo is not real, but he can be real for you if you choose to make it so. In case you missed it, Demingo is an anagram for ego mind. But who can solve the riddle of number 17?  
The 21st card of the Major Arcana is traditionally called Judgement. But that description may imply punishment, which is an illusion. Rather its about waking up. The meaning of this card and its associated geometry is dealt with in article A1205.
      At present I am busy designing the Geometric Tarot Deck. The High Priestess card is linked to the Tower of Destruction Tarot card, which is ruled by Mars, god of war. This means that the High Priestess is in direct contact with the conflicted mind, which is symbolised by Mars. That is why she is shown with spear and sheild. But the link is part of the universal solution of all things, represented by the equation 3 + 17 = 20. Cats are sacred to the High Priestess, which is why they love to hunt. They get this impulse from Mars. But cats, in universal sympathy with Mars, are symbolic of hunters of spiritual power, not hunters of meaningless bodies. So physical cats hunting other physical bodies are cats that have have fallen victim to the Ego Mind's insanity. But they'll get it right eventually and realise they are only spirit.    

This is the Empress card (obviously). Nothing is done here without a very good reason. As the Empress is also symbol of 'Mother', she obviously is associated with children. As this card is connected to Capricorn or the Devil, which means knowledge, it means that the lineage of offspring (bloodline) is associated with knowledge. That is why their is such a focus on the bloodline of the elite, those who have knowledge. Knowledge is also heirarchial. Hence its symbol is the tower. Can the elite manipulate you with this knowledge. No, they can't, because the very essence of knowledge is heirarchial. Without heirarchy, their is no knowledge. But you can drive yourself nuts in the belief that they are controlling you, if you want to. There is no problem, you are making it up. The illusion of their ability to manipulate people is the insanity of contradiction playing itself out in the physical world. But it's not real. Blame Demingo, if you can find him!


The 16th Tarot card is traditionally called the Devil. As every Tarot card has two meanings that are negations of each other, we will call this card Devil-Christ. This card is associated with knowledge and true vision. It also means communication. The Tower is an indispensable part of modern day communication systems. In the Bible, we find these ideas combined in the story of the Devil taking Christ to the top of the temple and showing him all the kingdoms of the Earth. This card is also coupled to the Empress (4th Tarot card), which is associated with trees. Hence we have the Tree of Knowledge. The Hebrew letter 'ayin' is associated with this card, and it means 'eye'. In Genesis 3, Eve, symbol of the Empress (mother), gazed at the Tree of Knowledge and saw that its fruit was good and desirable to make one wise. Another interesting way that this card connects to the Empress card is through the word 'seed'. The Empress symbolises the letter 'd', daleth, d, in Hebrew. Capricorn means 'eye (see)' and if we combine them we get 'seed', source of plants, a symbol that is associated with the Empress. All of this takes place in Genesis 3. Three is the number of Saturn, and Saturn rules Capricorn.


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