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V1201 - The Road to Unity


All true knowledge, which is spiritual in nature, is consistent with a proper understanding of the way that geometry and numbers work together. This knowledge has been lost to the human race because the pattern of thinking that humans practice is not in accordance with the basic principles that underpin the knowledge of the way that all things unite. This incorrect thought pattern manifests as thoughts of conflict. They are not really thoughts, we just think they are thoughts.

Unity is linked to the geometry of the right angle. Unity in its numerical state is '-1'. These ideas come from a geometric theorem which states:

The product of the gradient of two lines at right angles is '-1'.

As geometry is a description of reality, its basic ideas are in fact the building blocks of reality, and reality is created by the mind when its thought system is consistent with this. When the mind thinks in terms that are contradictory to this, it creates an illusion which it thinks is real. Illusion is created when truth is adjusted.

In religious terms, the right angle and its connected meanings are known as the Holy Spirit. The Christian interpretation of the Holy Spirit does not entirely conform to the geometric properties of the right angle, although their are similarities. In order to understand and make this philosophy on numbers meaningful will not happen overnight. It will take careful thought, but in my experience, geometry and number form a solid groundwork to the understanding of spiritual reality. One of the purposes in pursuing this idea is to reduce speculation. Their can be no speculation in the case of numbers and geometry. For example, 3 x 4 = 12. We cannot argue about this. The same applies to laws of geometry. For example, the angle at the centre of a circle is always twice the angle at the circumference. The question that needs to be answered is; 'What do numbers mean, and what is the psychological interpretation of basic geometric elements, such as the line and circle'. If we can find these answers, then we have a window into the way the mind works, and as the mind is fundamental to all things, we may well be looking at the source of all things.

In this video clip, we give a brief introduction into the meaning and properties of the right angle.

Let me give an example of how this works mathematically, otherwise my words are empty. It would be great to have a philosophical idea of unity, and some mathematics, geometry and Hebrew words to back it up. So here we go.

We have said that the diameter of a circle subtends a right angle at the circumference. But a right angle is connected to '-1'. So then we should look for the solution of a circle and its diameter such that they differ numerically by one. The solution is a diameter of 0.467 and a circumference of 1.467. They differ by 1 and 0.467 x p = 1.467. This solution is therefore associated with unity, which means path or road.

yisoo - w[sy - journeyed, onward - 146

neetheevoh - hbytn - a path, highway - 467

You need to watch the video and then attempt to integrate this information, because it is truly mind blowing. It is well worthwhile putting effort into understanding this. Good luck!


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  In this diagram we see that the diameter and circumference differ by one. This is significant as the right angle, which the diameter subtends at the circumference, is equivalent to '-1'. The right angle is symbolic of path or road, and Hebrew words that add up to the above numerical values mean path, road, journey. Mere coincidence, I think not. (See Video V1201)      
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