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This website is a very brief introduction to the sphere of knowledge. It is an attempt to show how information is connected in a unified system, a system that embraces all things. However, for most of us, we must take a step back before we can enter this realm. The problem is that if we want to understand truth, we must first clear from our minds any childish and crazy ideas, cherished belief systems that are birthed out of the ignorance and fear. They must all go, and be replaced by reasonable ideas based on the oneness of all things. Otherwise they will sit in the unconscious and distort our perception. There are two books that I strongly recommend, to assist you in this regard. The first book is 'Disappearance of the Universe'by Gary Renard (DU), and the second is 'A Course in Miracles' by Helen Schucman (ACIM). If you take the time and effort to understand these books, they will go a long way in sorting your thinking out. They are not everybody's cup of tea, but I can only recommend what worked for me. They changed my ideas very dramatically and have had a huge impact on my life. Even though these books appear to have nothing to do with numbers and geometry, it is a strange fact that their philosophical and religious discussions have a geometric basis. My interest is strongly inclined to mathematics and geometry, and my mind raced to see if it could express these advanced ideas in geometry and number. As it turned out, I could only proceed meaningfully in my study of numbers and geometry after I had managed to connect the central ideas of DU and ACIM to geometric elements. The line is the symbol of the conflicted or ego mind, the circle is the Sun (Son) which symbolised the perfect solution of everything, the centre of the circle is the symbol of true love and the right angle is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the teacher who is also the path back to the solution, through negating or undoing the conflicted mind. The ellipse is the Cosmic egg, symbol of the Father, Creator of all things. This connection opened up for me a way to understand the Universal Mind using the sure foundation of numbers and geometry. It soon became clear that the origin of language, sacred religious and shamanic stories from all over the Earth, psychology, the behaviour of the planets, even many good Hollywood movies and TV series, all have a common foundation. It is the correct interpretation of the Tarot cards and the Kaballistic Tree of Life. We are very fortunate to have them.


Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard.


In the 1990's, Gary was visited by two 'ascended masters' that appeared to him in his living room, out of thin air. They had come to reveal some shocking secrets of existence and teach the the miraculous powers of advanced forgiveness. The book is a record of 17 mind blowing conversations that took place over nearly a decade. As instructed, he slowly and carefully wrote The Disappearance of the Universe over a period of 9 years. It talks at length about the 'creation' of the physical universe, and how the entire universe is an illusion based on a misthought. These ideas are so radical that they deserve recognition just for originality. The two ascended masters, Arten and Pursah, were sent by Jesus to go and pay Gary a visit. The 'Disappearance of the Universe' is what Jesus was really saying 2000 years ago. But his message got lost along the way. Before anybody could wipe the sleep from their eyes and say 'Bob's your uncle', they had turned Jesus into a religion and made him it's chief whip.


Never has a book opened my eyes like this one.....not even close.


Disappearance of the Universe...

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman


A Course in Miracles began with the sudden decision of two people to join in a common goal. Their names were Helen Schucman and William Thetford, Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. There relationship was strained and difficult. But the Head of the Department triggered off a chain of events that led to the scribing of ACIM. The head of the department unexpectedly announced that he was tired of the angry and aggressive feelings our attitudes reflected, and concluded that, 'there must be another way.' As if on cue I agreed to help him find it. Apparently this Course is the other way."It is not intended to become the basis for another cult. Its only purpose is to provide a way in which some people will be able to find their own Internal Teacher.

The Disappearance of the Universe is in part a commentary on certain aspects of the Course in Miracles. The two books therefore have an intimate connection. If you read the Disappearance of the Universe first, you'll be able to understand ACIM a lot quicker. The theme of the conflicted mind is explored at length in ACIM, where it is taught that ideas of aggression and attack must be undone through the acceptance of the working of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit undoes or teaches the unreality of contradiction and conflict. This is nothing other than a psychological elaboration of the geometry of the right angle which the diameter of the circle subtends at the circumference.

A Course in Miracles

circle diameter right angle
One of the major diagrams that makes the connection between geometry and universal ideas such as the Holy Spirit, spiritual solution (God's son) and the conflicted mind. The psychology of these fundamental concepts are elaborated on in DU and ACIM. It eventually leads to the connection that these ideas have with number and language.
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