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Rekindling an ancient knowledge of numbers and geometry.....


The purpose of this site is to introduce the visitor to a whole new approach of numbers and geometry, and show that if they are properly interpreted, they lead to a spiritual knowledge that is behind the unity of all things. We have lost our memory of these things, and we need to rekindle our connection to these ideas. The psychology and meaning of numbers and the basic geometric elements can lay the foundation of a thought system that is compatible with the Universal Mind. It is the Self which we all will recognize as our true home.

This site is not designed to explain each and every piece of information in detail. Rather, the intention is to trigger the readers thinking so that he can find his own inner teacher, and discover many of these things for himself. The fountain of knowledge, based on the Tarot and Kaballistic Tree of Life, is inexhaustable. They can then share their discoveries with everyone else. But we need to understand the centrality of this system, otherwise we won't understand each other, even though we are all of one mind.


This knowledge is structured around the 10 Spiritual Paths, which come from the major Arcana of the Tarot. The 22 trump cards of the major Arcana of the Tarot also supply a configuration for the universal filing system,which puts everything into its proper place. Without this filing system, information is chaotic and has little or no real meaning.

The primary connection that each Tarot card has is with its spiritual pair. The pairs are arranged according to the equation A + B = 20. This means that the first card (The Fool) is paired with the 19th card (The Moon), the 2nd card is paired with the 18th card, and so on. We will use a multi-dimensional approach to show how these pairs are connected.


Articles: Articles will be periodically published. They will each address a facet of the bigger picture, but they will not be in any particular order. It is up to the reader to do his bit in putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, with the help of these articles. Therefore the reader must have an open minded approach which will enable him to search for information and fit it into the proper place. All information must be evaluated in light of the above if one wishes to understand how all things are connected in unity.


Video Clips: These will also be released periodically and can be downloaded from YouTube. Their purpose is also to supply more pieces of a very big jigsaw puzzle. Watch them carefully, for they have many secrets.


Books: The purpose of the books will be to present all this information in a more integrated and cohesive manner. For those people who have read the articles and watched the video clips carefully, they will be rewarded when they read the books. Before this information can become meaningful to the reader, a lot of exposure and thought is required. So if you do your homework with the articles and video clips, the books will be more meaningful. Their are no books available at present and their is no release date available. It is simply a matter that when it is the right time, it will be available. I am not rushing this, otherwise the information will be incomplete and half-baked.


Hollywood Movies: The best Hollywood movies elaborate on the meaning of this information in a most astounding fashion. Many movies that we think are meaningless and full of empty Hollywood hype are carefully done and loaded with universal truth. But we must look beyond the distraction of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to see this. These movies have been a major source of knowledge to me. They are also a confirmation that the method of unity employed here is universally true. An example of this is the 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'. This movie is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that is coded with the universal connection between the first Tarot card, called the Fool and the 19th Tarot card, called the Moon. It is often tiny and insignificant remarks in the dialogue, and the imagery, that shows a master hand at work.


Site Map: As soon as the main or article pages become too full, the articles and video clip information will be archived in the appropriate Archetypal page. Links to the Archetypal pages are shown at the bottom of the Main page.



  It's all about defining each piece of the puzzle in terms of unity and equality. Only then will they fit with each other to give us a picture that makes sense and we can understand..    
  willem_image       Willem de Swart was born in 1956 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated from Grey College in Bloemfontein in 1973, and from the Witwatersrand University in 1984 (B.Sc Electrical Engineering). He took early retirement in 2009 to pursue the study of the unity of numbers, geometry and language and their connection to religion, mythology, shamanic stories and Hollywood movies. For the record, he does not belong to any society, secret or otherwise, from which he is gathering this information. He doesn't need to, he just goes regularly to the movies.  
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